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new Home Pictures

For older pictures, see the Construction Picture Archive

For the oldest pictures, see the Ye Olde Construction Picture Archive

(boy, do I need to organize these!)
Newest house pictures are at:

Click on a picture to see the full-size picture.

Some nice air shots of the house, courtesy Joe Crawford (thanks, Joe!). (Updated 5/07/01)
(the house is just above the spar and below the large field on the first shot, nearly centered in the picture on the second, and to the left of the spar, four houses on the last shot.)
Latest Panorama of the exterior. (Updated 4/28/01)

Some smaller pictures of the house with the new brick. (Updated 4/4/01)

Sewer Line and scaffolding. (Updated 4/4/01)

Some smaller pictures of the house with the new brick. (Updated 4/4/01)
The latest panorama shot of our lot. (Updated 3/13/01)

Here are two maps of how to get to the Lot. One zoomed in! (Updated 1/17/01)

The windows! Read the story!. You can see the light coming in the top, where there's supposed to be nails (Click for Detail.) (03/13/01)

Our Phone Line got put in. And, here's a list of what's left on electrical. (03/13/01)

Locked Storage area under the porch. (03/13/01)

Mess of wires I've got to straighten out... (03/13/01)

Fugal and sons putting in the Natural Gas line. (03/02/01)

The stairwell wall being re-poured, so the stairs will be 4 feet wide. (03/02/01)

The latest look at the house all around, with the shingles going on. (03/06/01)

Ryan and Paige Erickson, 11381 North Sampson Drive, Highland, UT 84003
(801) 756-8325